The 6th International Conference of SELICUP (www.selicup.es), to be held at the University of Oviedo (Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura, Faculty of Commerce, Tourism and Social Sciences Jovellanos, Gijón) on the 15th, 16th and 17th October 2014, continues the work carried out by the association up to the present and opens the floor to debates on new aspects of popular culture. Times of crisis entail restrictions and reductions of production in artistic and cultural fields, which has led to the articulation of socio-economic structural changes in popular culture. This conference analyses how cultural manifestations reflect in each of their forms, the continuous transformation suffered by both passive and active subjects of the socioeconomic dynamics in conflict. By means of plenary sessions, papers, round tables and posters, the conference examines issues such as: the way in which processes of social change are portrayed in the different cultural media (literature, cinema, music and television) through different periods; the implications on identity brought about by these dynamics of social transformation (nation, race and gender); the evolution in the market of popular culture (glocalization, Internet and business models) and the tools used to confront these issues in the field of education. Themes you might wish to consider include (but are not limited to):

  • Popular culture and its artistic manifestations.
  • Popular culture in the era of globalization: subjects in process.
  • Popular culture in the classroom/lecture.
  • Theoretical frameworks for the study of popular culture.
  • The deconstruction of popular culture.

PROPOSAL SUBMISSIONS: We welcome proposals for papers, round tables and poster on any of these or other aspects of “Popular Culture in the Processes of Social Transformation”.

  • Papers: abstracts for 20 minutes papers should be no longer than 300 words and they should include the title of the paper and a list of 5 key words.
  • Round tables: submissions should include a brief description of the aims of the round table together with a summary (500 words maximum) of the different contributions (a minimum of 3 speakers) and a list of 5 key words.
  • Posters: they should include a brief description of the aims and a summary (200 words maximum).

Proccedings will be published. Please submit your proposals between the 28th October 2013 and the 15th April 2014 to selicup2014@espora.es Acceptance letters will be sent by 16th June 2014.